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Use a Video Poker Strategy to Increase Your Odds of Winning

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When it comes to video poker online, there are many different variants available to play. They are all fun to play, but you can increase your entertainment by learning a video poker strategy that will improve your chances of winning. Below you can learn about strategies for Double Double Bonus and Jacks or Better, but they work just as well on other variants.

Video Poker Strategy Double Double Bonus

There will come a time when you stumble across a variant of video poker that you have never seen before. For example, it could be Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, or Double Double Bonus Poker.

At this moment in time, not many online casinos offer this option, but as it becomes more popular, we expect to find it at more online casinos. It is good to learn about this game as it is fun and give you the chance to win large cash amounts.

The Basics of this Variant

One 52-card deck is used in this video poker variant. The cards are shuffled before every round, so there is no point in trying to card count. Furthermore, you will not find any wild cards here. If you are after these, then you should try Deuces Wild. What is great about this variant though is the RTP that can be as high as 98.98%.

What Makes Bonus Bonus Double Stand Out?

If you play video poker variants a lot, then you will notice that the payouts of Double Double Bonus are almost the same as the ones that you receive when playing Jacks or Better. However, things get very interesting when you take a look at how much you will receive if you get four of a kind. Four of a kind is what you are looking for when playing this variant as you will be rewarded handsomely. For instance, if you pick up four aces with a 2,3, or 4 as a kicker, you will receive 2,000 credits if you are playing with five coins.

How to Play This Poker Variant

If you already know how to play poker, then you will have no difficulty when it comes to Double Double Bonus Poker. We have outlined the playing steps below:

  • Choose your bet
  • Click deal to receive five cards
  • Select the cards you want to keep
  • Click on “Draw” to change the cards you want to discard

If you have a winning hand, you have the option of doubling your winnings. If you want to do this, click on “Double”. You will then have to select one card from five. If your card is a higher value than the card that the dealer selects, you will double your money. However, we recommend that you do not select this option too often as you can end up losing lots of money.

Double Double Bonus Video Poker Strategy Chart

You should always use a strategy when playing poker as it helps improve your chances of winning. You are not any less of a poker player just because you are using a strategy. In fact, some of the best poker players in the world make use of different strategies to increase their winnings.

Below you can find a Double Double Bonus strategy chart that is easy to follow. We recommend that you make use of it when playing this video poker variant.

► Below are the instructions on how to use the strategy chart:

  • Compare your hand with the one at the top of the strategy chart
  • If your hand does not match, keep going down until there is a match
  • Once you have managed to match up your cards, hold the cards that match and then select “Draw”
  • If you cannot find a match at all, select “Draw”

► Below is the strategy chart:

Jacks or better video poker strategy

Below you can find a video poker jacks or better strategy that will improve your chances of winning when playing this video poker variant. This table sums up basic actions.

You will have to make the decision according to the cards you possess but the higher the combinations are located in the table, the more powerful they are. For instance: if you have a low pair (which means lower than a pair of Jacks, and two high cards like a King or a Queen, then you will need to keep the low pair).

video poker chart video poker chart

Other Jacks or Better Video Poker Strategies to Think About Using

The above video poker strategy is not the only one that you can make use of while playing Jacks or Better. Below are some great strategies that will improve your chances of winning more money.

Bet Using Maximum Coins

You should always consider playing with the maximum coins as this gives you the opportunity to receive a nice bonus if you land a Royal Flush. If you are not playing using the maximum bet, you can still win some nice cash prizes, but you will not be eligible for the jackpot.

Locate the Best Pay Table

When playing video poker, you will not always come across the same pay table. The games will pay out differently depending on the software developer that created them. When you are playing Jacks or Better, you should opt for a 9/6 pay table as the house edge is the fairest.

Video Poker Strategy Software

When it comes to video poker strategy software, there are many out there that claim that they will help you become a poker professional and improve your chances of winning. While we are not saying that this is not the case, there are ways that you can improve your strategy usage without having to spend any of your own money.

In our opinion, the best way is to play free video poker games. Here you can try out as many different video poker strategy as you like without having to worry about losing any of your hardly earned money.

Luckily for you, we have a wide a variety of free video poker games available on our site, so you can practice and get better whenever you have some minutes to spare.