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Here Are the Top Online Casinos for Those Living in New Zealand

Are you living in New Zealand and love to play online? If so, then Casino City NZ is exactly where you need to be. Here, you will find all of the information that you need when it comes to top online casinos that are aimed at New Zealand gamblers, as well as all the best online casino bonus deals. All you need to play and win online is here!

Find all the TOP Online Casino Reviews NZ in one place

So, why should you take the time to read our online casino reviews?

Find your way amongst the wide offer

Well, the online gambling world is an extremely competitive one, meaning that there are more online casinos than you can shake a stick at. Just like with everything that is popular in life, there are always crooks who try to take advantage.

Watch out for scams

There is nothing worse than jumping right in and signing up with an online casino only to find out that it was a scam site and the money that you have deposited has disappeared without a trace. There is little chance of you getting your money back, but the whole scenario could have been avoided had you just taken the time to read some top online casino reviews NZ. Any online casino that

Here we come to help you find top online casino

We provide an in-depth analysis of all New Zealand online casinos which you can find on our NZ online casinos list. Once you have read one of our reviews about a particular casino, you will know right away whether that is a casino that you would be interested in signing up with.

We will always let you know whether an online casino has been taking part in fraudulent activity.

We will help you find the most trusted online casino NZ.

What makes our rankings worth checking out?

We keep it straight, pull no punches, and leave the BS for the other sites out there. We put in dedicated hours of service to provide our users with the most accurate information you will find when it comes to recommending and reviewing online casinos that you can join here in New Zealand.

We run background checks, get legal confirmation and test the sites ourselves and if the casino does not meet the standards we expect for ourselves, then there is no way they are going to be passed on and shared through our site. Only the best of the best make it on our platform, and this is why we are able to pass on exclusive bonuses to you.

How Do We Create our NZ online casinos list?

Newcomers to the gaming world will often ask what factors determine whether an online casino will make its way onto our list of top online casinos or not.

► Well, for us, some of the important things to look at (in no particular order) are:
  • The payout rates
  • The software that they use
  • The games that they provide
  • The Welcome Bonuses and promotional offers that they provide
  • The quality of their customer service team
  • The different deposit and withdrawal methods available to customers.

We test out all the online casinos that we review, so you can be certain that anything we say has been experienced first-hand and not just taken from another review somewhere else on the internet.

Therefore, you can be 100% sure that the online casinos that have made it onto our list of top online casinos NZ are there completely on merit.

In breaking down the key elements further, what follows is a complete look at the important criteria that get analysed in our reviews.


How does a top paying online casino NZ operator even get started? Well, it all begins with the license. No license, no online casino, and any operating without, well, they are just a fraudulent scam site working illegally.

Getting a casino licensed by a regulator can take up to and over 12 months. So, those trying to get a site up and running will be doing so with good intentions because if they don’t meet the governing standards, it’s a lot of money wasted.

We make sure every casino is legally covered with an in-date license and that the serial number of the license is valid.


All top online casinos have some form of certification and these usually cover the integrity of the casino’s games and safety features. There are a number of independent testing bodies out there and the casinos smart enough to show off their badges of honour catch our eye.

We check out the testing dates and validation that the security software is in-date and that the games are classed as fair for casino members to use.

Payment Methods

Payment is super important for a player and for any top online casino. If you want to play, you need to be able to meet the casino’s banking services and for a casino to be able to get members, they need to provide adequate banking options.

When it comes to payment services, you want trusted transaction methods to pick from, known and regulated firms and the promise of fast and reliable payments.

We make sure that the casinos have high standards when it comes to online payments, we check if there have been any complaints with payments in the past and overall, make sure that when you join, there are enough options to be able to cover your deposits and withdrawals ideally from the same one service to make gambling easier for you.

Games Offer

All the top online casinos NZ has are distinguishable because of the quality in gaming service. If a casino has only 100 games it can be just as good as a casino with 1000 games, as long as the casino has the right development powering the site quality comes before quantity.

We only will ever support online casinos with know regulated and tested gaming developers. You will be issued with sites that carry games that have payout records and provide the titles that are demanded of by players around the world.

We want to also provide diversity in the gaming section if possible. There are many different types of players out there, so when we come to review the quality, we want it to be of benefit to all players. All the games are tested by us and by the independent bodies to make sure they function properly and provide the successful entertainment they should.

Mobile Compatibility

If you want 24/7 access to your top paying online casino that you’ve signed up to, then you’re only going to get that freedom with a casino that can be operated through numerous devices. Mobile gaming is now the biggest way of hooking up with your #1 site. By having mobile access, you are able to play games faster, and instantly, you can play no matter where you are, and you are supported by fast banking and internet security.

Not all casinos require a mobile app, but we also test the app features out if they do to see if there is any spyware or malware. We also want to make sure the mobile casino app doesn’t suck up all your smartphone storage space.

Bonuses on Offer

Bonuses for some players are very important, unfortunately, not many players take the time to read the terms and conditions. We go through all small print to make sure the service of casino bonuses within the site’ promotions are fair and honest. Failure in clarity from the casino will lead us to tell you in the review, should the casino meet the standards everywhere else.

Can your trust our rankings?

We are proud of our online casinos list. Through the many sites there are top casinos online that you’d trust your mother in joining. At no point would we ever say that our word can be counted on because we simply want you to see for yourself the facts and learn them.

Best service in New Zealand

We share with you all the details of the casino: license, security, and legal certainty. Each review shares with you all the factors of the site you need to know about. We know our word is sound, but just go on the evidence and see for yourself at site level that these casinos recommended on our site are legitimate legal services that are there to protect your interests and give you a fair chance of winning some or lots of Kiwi dollars.

Updating a top 10 list

The casino reviews NZ players can read from our site are updated when required, new casinos will come along and sites will inevitably drop and rise throughout the top 10 list. Regardless of who is at number 1 or number 50, the goal is to give you casinos that are equal in quality across the board. A site in 10th place may have a thousand more games and more rewards than a site in 1st place, but if that 1st place site has recorded more wins in the past week or month and has received more praise from new customers, then it is first on merit.

Its complex compiling our list, but the best thing is, quality, innovation, and opportunity changes all the time, thusly, not making the list stale nor that of the sites too.



Local factors
for Kiwi players

  • 01

    Does the casino have a lot of bad reviews?

    If you are overly focused on the reviews and opinions of other players, you will never find a casino that suits your gaming qualities, only theirs. Read what is said of the site and view the casino for yourself, this can be done without having to register. Look around the games and features to see if it is your number one choice.

  • 02

    Are casino revenues big enough?

    All the top casinos recommended on our site are sustainable enough to fund the largest winnings offered by all their games. You will have access to multi-million-dollar gaming titles that will be paid out to you in NZ currency.

  • 03

    Is the casino clear with its terms and conditions?

    As part of regulatory codes, casinos must abide by the principles that all is fair and honest when it comes to the customers and providing them with information that is clear and exact to what can be expected of their service from banking to promotions.

    Be sure you read as much of the terms you find inside the casino, so services are used correctly.

  • 04

    Can you find the casino in any blacklist?

    If the casino is blacklisted, we would not promote its service for you to join.

  • 05

    Are deposits and withdrawals easy for New Zealand players?

    It is very important to check that you are able to bank with the casino before you register.

    Check the payment services the casino supports and be sure you match at least one method for deposits and withdrawals. You will find the casino has numerous options to support the NZ currency, making payments very easy to transfer.

  • 06

    Does the casino support the English language?

    All casinos online in the NZ market have English-speaking customer support teams to help and advise in any case where you might have to query your account.

  • 07

    Does the casino offer bonuses to New Zealand players?

    Yes, you will find many online casino bonuses that are promotional features that can be claimed and used to help you win real money from the site.

    You will see there are a number of different offers available from your exclusive welcome bonus to free spins. Please read the terms prior to use and look out for random no deposit bonuses that are presented as loyalty bonuses that are added to your account.

  • 08

    Does the casino support the NZ dollar?

    If the casino is accessible to players in New Zealand, then it is highly likely that the Kiwi dollar is going to be approved and used.

    You can confirm with the casino’s banking page or with the customer support team, but as we have already done this for you, every casino on our site is made to service players from New Zealand and support their currency with being paid their winnings.

Why is customer service so important?

The top casinos know how to run a business, and like any business out there, customer service is key. It doesn’t matter where you are on the online casino list, if your service is bad, you will get picked up by players that will leave and go elsewhere and the knock-on effect reaches people like us to inform you about it.

It’s about your coming first, not the casinos ranking

Not many casino online reviews share with you the site’s services that go on behind the scenes. When we review top online casinos New Zealand players can join, we want you to know when you can contact them, how you can contact them, what they can assist with and what other information the casino can share with you.

Gambling online can be stressful, and the service is important should you have concerns. Understanding and the right advice can go further than you expect. We test out customer service teams with fake questions to perform our review. We make sure they are competent and patient in their service. Should you find yourself with a concern or query, we want an operator that hires the right staff to be there at the right time you need them to give you the reassurance that everything is okay and will be resolved if needed.

Is the casino right for you?

No matter the ratings, no matter the position on the list, your gut instinct will be forever right in picking the best casino for you to join. It is all 100% of your opinion that leads to where you play. In formulating our recommendations, personal opinion is set aside to give you a fair choice and understanding of what is out there in the market.

We aim to provide online casino reviews NZ players can trust and find a new home in, so to speak, but we recognize that words can on convey so much and it is why we encourage you to see the sites for yourself after reading the online casino reviews New Zealand has on its market.

If it ticks all the boxes

You want the best and top secure online casinos, you want award-winning gaming and experience from the top casino online sites, but the most important thing for a player joining an online casino comes down to one simple principle, to win as much as you can at the time you play.

You want to feel the casinos are fair and see it each time you log in. This falls into the casino being able to offer that personal touch to its service. Find the casino that offers you the games you want, gives you to bonuses to support you, puts the winnings into your account faster, and makes you feel like it was made for you.

What to Look for While Searching top online casino reviews?

We have already mentioned what we look for when creating our reviews to find out the top online casinos in NZ, but we will now go into a bit more information.

A Wide Variety of Casino Games

Online casinos (and land-based ones for that matter) are nothing without their games. In today’s extremely competitive gambling market, a casino that lacks a decent online casino games list is a casino that many people will forget pretty quickly.

Nowadays, it is safe to say that people get bored pretty easily, so an online casino needs to have a wide variety of games in order to keep customers interested and coming back for more. If it does not, it will definitely not become a top online casino in NZ or anywhere in the world for that matter.

If you are looking through an online casino and realise that it is a bit thin on the games, you should take your money elsewhere. In order to be a NZ top online casino, a site must have a few hundred games for customers to choose from.

It Needs to Have the best bonuses

As we have already said, the iGaming world is an extremely competitive one, so in order to become a NZ top online casino, they need to offer potential customers attractive 💸 Welcome Bonuses. 💸

Once a casino has enticed a new customer in, then the next challenge is to keep them there. They usually do this by providing regular promotions.

In our online casino reviews NZ, we will keep you informed about the different Welcome Bonuses and Promotions that top online casinos New Zealand provide.

It Must Have Top Notch Customer Support

Quality customer support is so important that no online casino will make it to the top of our NZ online casinos list if they have poor customer support. No matter how lucky you are, there will always come a time when you require the help of a customer service agent.

There is nothing more frustrating than not getting the help that you require. This is why we make it a priority to check the quality of the customer support team when we are doing our casino online review New Zealand. We will call them with a fake problem or talk to them on live chat, so we can see whether they reply promptly and with satisfactory answers. If they don’t, we won’t recommend them.

What about Safety and Licence?

The online casinos that we provide on this site are available to New Zealand players and accept online casino NZ dollars. Furthermore, all of the online casinos that we recommend on this site are all licensed by some of the best gaming regulators around.

We will always make sure that the site is safe before we even think about recommending it to you. When you choose a casino from our list, you can feel safe with the knowledge that you are spending your money at a secure and fully licensed online casino.

TOP Paying Online Casino

One of the main reasons we play at online casinos is to have fun but, let’s be perfectly honest, we also want to win as well. Therefore, it is important to sign up to online casinos that provide their customers with the best payouts.

When you join an online sportsbook, you want to join one that has some of the best odds around, so it stands to reason that when you join an online casino you want to join one that pays out the most.

Once again, you can count on us to provide you with all of the necessary information when it comes down to casino payouts.

Play for Free with Casino Bonuses

There is nothing better than being able to take advantage of online casino games lists using free money that the casino has given you. Not only do you have a chance of winning some money, but there is no risk of you losing any of your hard-earned cash.

However, you need to keep in mind that different wagering requirements will be in place. You will only be able to withdraw any money that you have won once you have met these rollover requirements.

FAQ: Common question about the best casinos online

🤔 What are the top online casinos?

The top casinos in New Zealand change from time to time. The requirements for being the best come done to service and innovation and customer success. The current top 3 recommended by our site are:

  • Lucky Nugget
  • Jackpot City Casino
  • Gaming Club

🥳 Where can I find the top online casinos list?

The top casinos in New Zealand are listed throughout our site. Currently, you are on the main page, just look up and you will see the best 50 casinos you can join here in New Zealand.

🤑 How to win inside an online casino?

Winning is largely luck, but there are a number of tips and strategies that you can pick up that will help to give you some edge over the games you play. You can head to our page on gaming rules and strategies by following this link here. This covers blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slots, keno and other games you will find inside the top online casinos.

⭐ Are online casinos legit?

You are guaranteed that every online casino recommended via our site is 100% licensed, regulated, and independently tested and verified by gaming bodies and labs. We provide the most secure and legal services for your gambling entertainment and pleasure, so every one of them here is 100% legit.

Like always, you will be able to count on us to let you know what casinos have the best casino bonuses.