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These Are the Best Online Casinos to Play Slots Online At

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When it comes to casinos games we do not think that it is an exaggeration to say that pokies are by far the most popular. There are now thousands and thousands of great slots out there and if you are living in New Zealand and are wondering what the best online casinos are for pokies, then you are in the right place. Below we are going to reveal the best online casinos for us Kiwis to play some of the highly entertaining online pokies around.

TOP 2 Casinos to Play Pokies
1 William Hill William Hill
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    2 JackpotCity Jackpot​City
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      The Best Online Casinos to Play Slot Games

      There are plenty of sites out there that will tell you that they have all the information that you need when it comes to finding the best online casinos for Kiwis to play NZ pokies online at. However, you then start reading and you begin to wonder when this information is going to be given to you. It is only when you are halfway down the page (or even more) that you come across what you have been looking for. We know how annoying this can be, which is why we will always give you the most important information right from the beginning. Therefore, below you will find a table that are some of the best online casinos for slot lovers in New Zealand. Each casino in the table has put in a lot of hard graft to be where they are today, so you can be certain that you will have a great playing experience if you decide to open an account with one of them.

      Why You Should Play Slots online

      Above we have provided you with some top-quality online casinos for New Zealanders, and below we are going to provide you with four key reasons why you should think about playing pokies online instead at a land-based casino. For clarity sake, we are not saying that you should never visit a land-based casino and play some slot games, we are just saying that you would be much better off to play online slots NZ at an online casino.

      Bonuses and promotions

      When you take the plunge and register with an online casino, they will usually reward you with a Welcome Bonus. Then, after you have become a regular player at the casino, you will start to receive some entertaining promotions to make sure that you continue to play there. Therefore, at online casinos there is plenty of bonus money that you can take advantage of, which is never going to be the case at a land-based one. However, please remember that all bonus money will have certain terms and conditions attached. For instance, one such T&C will be wagering requirements. Please take the time to read every T&C extremely carefully because failure to do so could cause issues down the line.

      Variety is the spice of life

      Brick and mortar casinos cannot have as many different games as they like as they have a space restriction. Therefore, they have to come up with a balance of games to ensure that there is something for everyone. Failure to do this could see them lose a lot of customers. However, this is obviously not the case with online casinos – they can have as many different games available as they like. Therefore, when you play at online casinos you can play hundreds and hundreds of different pokies, ensuring that boredom is something that does not occur.

      Playing for free is an option

      Sometimes you might want to play some online pokies New Zealand without spending any of your own money. When this is the case, you can simply log into your casino account and play a variety of free slots. By playing for free you can learn hwo to play pokies – there are so many varieties now that you should always familiarise yourself with a new slot before you start playing for real money. Obviously though, you will not be able to cash out any winnings that you go on to make. A great thing about being able to play pokies for free is that you can test out your own

      pokies strategies without risking your own money. You should always think about using a slot strategy when playing a slot game.

      They are convenient

      Before online casinos burst on the scene if you had the urge to play some slot games, the only way that you could satisfy that urge was to head on down to the closest brick and mortar casino. However, in order to do this, you obviously had to dress up smartly and then either drive or take public transport to get to the casino. This could be a lot of hassle, especially if you only want to play slots for 30 minutes or so. Nowadays, thanks to online casinos, things are so much different. You can simply get home after a long day, put your feet up, and gamble from home on a desktop or mobile device. To add to this, thanks to mobile online casinos, you can now play your favourite slot game wherever you are. Waiting for an appointment or a flight? Pass the time by playing some entertaining slots on your mobile device.

      Advantages of Playing Slots Online

      The next thing that we are going to discuss is the different types of slots games that you can come across when at a casino, but before we do that we would like to just take a minute to summarise what we just mentioned above. This is because we want to emphasise the advantages of playing slots NZ at an online casino.

      • You get to take advantage of bonuses and promotions
      • There is a lot more variety available at online casinos
      • If you do not want to spend money, you can play for free
      • They are a lot more convenient than land-based casinos

      The Different Types of Slot Games Available

      Having an understanding of the different types of slot machines that you can encounter is vital if you want to have the best slot experience possible. Below we will take a closer look at the different slot types that you will come across.

      Three-Reel Slots

      Also called classic slots, this type of slot game first came into being back in 1899 and they are really popular to this very day. If you are looking for a simple slot game, then is exactly what you are after. This type of slot game has just the one payline and you will often have to spend 3 coins in order to spin the reels. The symbols that you will encounter are the classic symbols such as grapes, a bell, an orange, a watermelon, cherries, bars, a lemon, and sevens.

      5-Reel Slots

      Nowadays, most of the slots that you come across will be equipped with 5 reels. This type of slot game has received a lot of popularity as they often have plenty of different bonuses. For example, if you are playing such a slot, you should not get too surprised if you win a lot of free spins or high multipliers. They are also very popular as they come in many different themes, meaning there is something for everyone.

      Multi Payline Slots

      Classic slots have just one payline, which means that you need 3 identical symbols to line up in the middle of the reels to win. However, as you probably guessed already from the name, this type of slot has a number of different paylines, increasing your chances of winning. Sometimes you will be able to adjust the number of paylines in actions, while other times you will not. The more paylines in action, the better your odds of winning. However, keep in mind that each spin will cost you more as well.

      3D Slots

      Thanks to technology, you can now find slots with graphics that will leave you stunned. However, the slots that have the best graphics out there are known as 3D slots. When you play such slots, you do not need to wear special glasses as the stunning 3D graphics can be seen clearly with the naked eye. You will feel like you will be able to reach out and touch the symbols on the screen. Nowadays, many3D slot games come equipped with a chat feature as slot players live to chat with other players.

      Video Slots

      In the 1970s, slots moved towards the video ear. The first video slot produced was "Fortune Coin" and this was developed by Walt Fraley. It was introduced to land-based casinos in the middle of the 1970s, but it did not kick off until the 80s. It was video technology that allowed slots to have bonus games and jackpots, which is definitely something that helped to make slot games more popular. We are not exaggerating when we say that video slots helped pave a way for the huge online gambling industry that is around today.

      Progressive Jackpot Slots

      A lot of slot games have a fixed jackpot, but there are many that now have a progressive jackpot. This means that the more people that play and do not land the jackpot, the bigger the jackpot will get. Nowadays, due to technology, hundreds of slots can be linked to a single progressive jackpot, meaning that the total jackpot prize can reach huge cash sums. Okay, you have a very slim chance of winning it, but somebody has to, right? These are considered as the best online pokies NZ if you win.

      The Highest Rated Slot Casinos to Play At

      Us Kiwis are extremely lucky in the sense that we have more than enough fantastic online casinos that we can join and enjoy fantastic online pokies NZ at. However, some are better than others, like the four online casinos that you can find in the table below. Honestly, these casinos are four of the best online.

      Online CasinoWelcome BonusWin Rate
      Jackpot City Casino$160097.84%
      Spin Casino$100097.59%
      Gate777 Casino$100097.49%
      Gaming Club Casino$35096.79%

      FAQ: Common question on slot machines online

      🤔 Which online slots are the best?

      There are many different types of online slot out there in the casinos. The best come down to taste. Some players prefer progressive jackpot slots because of their multi-million-dollar prizes. Others like simple bonus games because they offer more entertainment but not necessarily the same huge jackpots. A tip: the best slots to play are the popular one, listed in most casinos, the more popular a game is, the more frequent it will pay out.

      🥳 Which online slots payout the most?

      There is a commonality to which slot machines pay out more frequently and these are classes or seen as the ‘popular’ ones. Some casinos will section these games as ‘Hottest Games’ or ‘Popular’ to help establish which games are currently paying out more often. Basically, the more money going into a game, the more comes out. This is how the laws of slot gaming works.

      🤑 Are online slots legit?

      Online slot machines are complex things. Firstly, yes, they are legit! Slot machines are not made by casinos but by independent gaming providers. These software developers have their games tested and check and verified as fair and honest. The games use algorithms to determine wins and losses. If a slot was deemed unfair, it simply would not make it into the casino.

      ⭐ How do online slots work?

      There are two algorithms that go into making slot machines. The first and most popular is the RTP algorithm. This stands for Return to Player and works on the percentage principle, that when x-amount of money has been collected by the game, it can then start to payout.

      The other algorithm is the RNG, this stands for Random Number Generator and works on the principle of random chance. Many see this as the fairest form of slot development.

      🎰 How do you play slots online?

      Playing a video slot machine is very simple. The primary rule of the game is to align matching symbols that refer to a winning cash value, the more profitable the symbols are and how many you land on, will lead to higher wins. As a player, you only need to press the ‘spin’ button.

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