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Sic Bo Rules

Sicbo Sicbo

Sic Bo is a game that you play with three dice. The aim is to achieve a variety of combinations. All bets are based on predicting dice combinations. You can play Sic Bo for free at Roxy Palace Casino.

Sic Bo Objective

Players place their bets on the Sic Bo table while trying to predict the possible results made by the rolling dice. The prediction that is closest to the combination that comes out will earn a given player the title of winner. Each player can make multiple bets at a time, the amount each bet costs is indicated on the Sic Bo table.

Different possible types of bets at Sic Bo

There are seven types of bets possible in Sic Bo:

Dice Face:

Players rely on one side of the dice. If the number predicted by the player comes out, the player wins the equivalent of his initial bet. If this figure appears on two die at a time, the player wins twice his initial bet. If this figure appears on three die, he wins three times his initial bet. The house advantage on this type of bet is about 8%.

Two faces:

This bet works on a particular combination of two different numbers. If the player bets that number 1 and number 6 will come out, and they do, the casino pays 5: 1. The house advantage on this bet is about 17%.


Players can bet on the total sum of the three dice. They have chosen a number between 4 and 17. Since the combination of dice faces may change depending on the selected number, winnings won’t be the same either.

The following table shows possible winnings and the house advantage in the game:

Totals Gain Casino Advantage
4 or 17 60:129.1%
5 or 16 18:147.2%
6 or 1514:130.5%
7 or 14 12:19.7%
8 or 138:112.5%
9 or 126:118.9%
10 or 116:112.5%

Small or Big:

The player places money in function of the given category that the three dice will fall in.

  • A 'small' bet is winning when the sum of the three die is between 4 and 10.
  • A 'big' bet is winning when the sum of the three die is between 11 and 17.

Don’t forget the other important Sic Bo rules stipulating that the house wins if a triple comes out. Despite this, probabilities of winning are far more advantageous for this category of bets, since the casino only benefits from a 3% advantage.


Here, you bet that each face will show the exact same number. If this happens, you will earn a large amount of money (150:1) but odds are not really in your favor in this specific situation (only 215:1). The house has a 30% advantage.

Any triple:

You bet that a triple will come out. Winnings are 24:1 to a 35:1 cost. Again, the casino may capitalize on a huge benefit of no less than 30%.

Any pair:

You bet that any combination will make you earn 8:1. This bet is the most dangerous to perform since the casino has a 33% advantage.

Winnings in Sic Bo

All winnings in Sic Bo are indicated on the table and depend on the use of the bets you opt for.