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The Best Recommended Casinos If you Fancy Pontoon Online

Pontoon Pontoon

Pontoon is not one of the most popular casino games, but it should definitely be more popular than it is as it is a highly entertaining and fun game. This is a British game that is very similar to Blackjack as the aim is to get as close as possible to 21, without going beyond. If you are interested in pontoon, then you are probably wondering where the best place to play it is. If so, you are in luck as we are now going to discuss the best pontoon online casinos that New Zealanders can play at, including they Welcome Offers.

TOP 2 Casinos to Play Pontoon Online
1 William Hill William Hill
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    2 JackpotCity Jackpot​City
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      When you come across other sites that talk about the best places to play pontoon online, you will have to sift through a lot of other information before you find what you are after. This is where we differ from our rivals as we cut straight to the chase and provide you with the information that you are looking for right away. Thus, below you can find a simple table that provides you with the best casinos to play pontoon at if you are living in New Zealand. We must highlight here that we are not forcing anyone to register with one of the casinos in the table, but we must stress that it would be a really wise move if you did as you honestly cannot find much better than these.

      Why You Should Play Pontoon Online

      Now that we have revealed some of the best online casinos to play pontoon at, we are now going to give you some reasons as to why you should definitely consider playing pontoon online. Playing at a land-based casino is fine, but once you have read what we are about to tell you then you will realise that the best option is to play online.

      It is extremely convenient

      Before online casinos were all the rage, if you wanted to go and have a gamble on pontoon then you would have to head on over to the closest land-based casino. This would mean that you would have to get dressed up in some of your best clothes and then hop in your car or jump on some public transport. After a long day at work, you might just not feel like making such an effort, especially if you were only going to play for an hour or so. However, nowadays, thanks to the plethora of online casinos that have popped up on the Internet, you can satisfy your pontoon urge from the comfort of your own sofa. You can also bet on pontoon wherever you happen to be, so long as you have a mobile device and access to the Internet.

      Take advantages of great bonuses

      When you register at an online casino they will welcome you with a great Welcome Bonus and when you become a regular player they will provide you with regular promotions to ensure that you stick around. Therefore, by playing at an online casino you will receive some "free" bonus money, which is something that you will never receive when you play at brick and mortar casinos. It is important to note here that this bonus money is not exactly free as there will be some terms and conditions attached to it. For example, one common T&C that you will find attached to bonuses is a wagering requirement. Before you start using a Welcome Bonus or promotion, we really recommend that you read the T&Cs carefully.

      You can play for free

      There might come a time when you want to play some pontoon just for some entertainment without the need of risking your own money. When this time comes, you can simply log into your casino account and play a bit of free pontoon. Playing this game for free is just as entertaining as it is when you are playing for real money. However, you obviously always need to remember that you cannot pick up any real winnings when playing for free. One main advantage of playing pontoon for free is that if you are thinking about making use of a pontoon strategy to boost your chances of winning, then you can try it out for free before you start playing for real money. Using a pontoon strategy that you are not familiar with in a game where you are using your own money can see you end the night with much lighter pockets.

      Pluses of Playing Pontoon Online

      Before we go on to take a quick look at how this fun game is played, we would like to quickly summarise the main points that we just spoke about above.

      • Playing at an online casino is very convenient
      • When you play at an online casino you get plenty of bonuses
      • You can play for free at an online casino to practice different strategies

      How to Play Pontoon

      Below we are going to briefly discuss how the game pontoon is played. If you already know how to play this game, then please feel free to jump ahead to the next section. This is for those who are completely new to this game, or for those who want to brush up on their pontoon knowledge a bit.

      Aim of the Game

      Like with blackjack, the main aim of this game is to have a higher hand than the banker, with a value of 21 being the best hand possible. One standard deck of cards is used and the cards rank the same as they do in blackjack - the Ace is worth 1 or 11, the K, Q, J are worth 10, while the remaining cards are worth the value that is on them.

      Start of the Game

      Before the cards are dealt, someone has to be designated as the banker. The banker has a slight advantage over the rest of the players, so it is generally decided by who cuts the highest card from the deck. Once the banker has been decided, they will deal each player a face-down card, starting with the player on their left. Everyone is able to look at their first card apart from the banker.

      After everyone has received their first card, players have to put down their initial bets. Once all bets have been placed, the dealer will deal each player another card. Every player, as well as the banker, can look at their hands. If the banker has 21 (pontoon), they will declare it to the table and collect double of what everyone staked. If the banker does not have 21, then each player has the chance to improve their hand by collecting cards off the dealer. The play goes from the left of the dealer around the table.

      Winning Hand

      If you have an Ace and a card that is worth 10 points, then you announce that you have Pontoon - you do this by putting your ten card face down and you Ace card on top, face up.

      If you have two cards of the same value, then you can split them if you so wish. If you want to do this, place each card face up and put down another bet that is equal to your initial wager. The banker will then give you one new face-down card for each hand. Both of these hands are treated as individual hands. If the new card that you are given is the same value, you can split again if you wish. Cards that have a value of 10 points can only be split if they are the same, such as two kings or two queens.

      If you do not have pontoon, then you have the option of buying a card. If you opt to purchase a card, then you have to increase your bet by an amount that is at least equal or not more than double your initial wager. For instance, if you wagered $50 dollars, you can buy a card for $50-100, for a total wager of $150. If you do this, the banker will hand you another card. If your hand's value is less than 21 still, you can purchase the 4th card. Here, you can put down an additional amount that is equal to your initial wager and not more than what you bought the third card for. If you want to buy a fifth card, then you can do so by using the same rules.

      Losing Hand

      If you do not have pontoon, then you might decide to twist instead of buying a card. If you do this, the banker will give you a card face up. If you are still under 21, you can ask for another twist. If the cards in your hand add up to 15, then you should stick. You should not buy or twist here as you run a high risk of going bust. If you do go bust during the game, you simply throw you hand in face up and the banker will collect your wager and add your cards to the bottom of the deck.

      Once all the players have taken theirs it is the banker's turn to play. The banker will flip their cards face up - each player's cards should still be face down still unless they have got a pontoon, split, twisted, or busted. The banker can decide to add cards if they wish. There will be three possible outcomes here.

      If the banker's hand goes beyond 21, they go bust. When this happens, they have to pay each player what their stake was and double it for any player that has Pontoon or a 5-card trick.

      If the banker does not go bust and stays at 21 or less, then they will collect wagers from those players with lower hands and pay out equal wagers to those players with higher hands. For instance, a dealer who stays at 18 will say "paying 19" and will then proceed to pay out players who have hands with a value of 18-21. Once again, those with a pontoon or 5-card trick will receive double.

      If the banker manages to make a 5-card trick, then they only have to pay out double to those players with pontoon. Everyone else, including those who managed to get a 5-card trick, have to pay double their wager to the banker.

      So, here you have the basic rules of pontoon. They might seem complex to start with, but you will get used to them rather quickly.

      The Highest Rated Pontoon Casinos to Play At

      For us Kiwis, there are many great online casinos that we can play pontoon at. However, there are some that we would recommend over others. Four of these can be seen in the table that we have provided below. If you take the plunge and register with one of these, then you definitely will not come to regret your choice.

      Online CasinoWelcome BonusWin Rate
      Jackpot City Casino$160097.84%
      Spin Casino$100097.59%
      Lucky Nugget Casino$20097%
      Wildz Casino$50096.86%


      🚀 Does a casino that offers pontoon online have any other casino games?

      An online casino that just offers pontoon online is one that players would get bored of pretty quickly. Casino owners know this, which is why they offer other games such as roulette online, blackjack online you can practice first playing free blackjack, baccarat online, and poker online. The best casinos around will give you the option to play their games for free so that you can practice without risking your own money.

      🧐 What is pontoon online?

      Pontoon is a variant of blackjack. Just like in blackjack, each player is dealt two cards and the only person that the player is trying to beat is the dealer. The main difference between the two games is that in pontoon, both the cards are placed face down.

      🎰 What casinos offer pontoon online?

      There are many online casinos out there that offer pontoon online to their players. If you are a New Zealander looking for great pontoon online casinos, then we highly recommend that you have a look at the following online casinos: