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Poker Rules - How to Play Poker at the Very Basic Level and Win

Poker rules Poker rules

If you jump into a game of poker without knowing any of the basic poker rules, you will be like a lamb to the slaughter. You need to know the poker rules for beginners before you test your skills against the big boys. We are here to teach you how to play poker online or at a land-based casino.

The first stages: learning the poker game, knowing the rules and how to play when interacting virtually

When you are playing table games such as blackjack, your main aim is to beat the dealer - you do not care what hands other players at the table have. However, when it comes to poker, everyone at the table is your competition - you need to beat them all in order to walk away with the pot.

To start a game of poker, every player at the table is given two cards by the dealer. Over the course of the round, five more cards will be placed on the table and your job is to make the best 5-card hand using these cards and the two that you got dealt at the beginning.

Poker hand rules

Below we will take a look at the different hands that you can make during a game of poker. We have listed them in order of strength. This is the first thing that you should take a look at when you learn to play poker online.

  • Royal Flush: When you have a 10, J, Q, K, and A in the same suit.

    Straight Flush: When you have five cards of the same suit that are in numerical order.

  • Four of a kind: When you have four cards of the same value, with another card as the kicker.
  • Full House: When you have three cards of the same value and two cards of a different, but matching, value.
  • Flush: When you have five cards that are the same suit. They do not need to be in numerical order.
  • Three of a Kind: When you have three cards of the same value and two kickers.

    Two Pairs: When you have two cards of one value, two cards of another value, and a kicker.

  • One Pair: When you have two cards of the same value and three unrelated kickers.
  • High CardWhen you have a hand that is not one of the above.

Now you know the Ranking aim for the best Poker rules hand possible. But there is more to learn than just the ranks

So, you win by ranking higher than your opponent, in a one-on-one situation during a multi-player game. The moment when the hands are revealed is known as the showdown. When one of the players at the table makes an uncalled bet, you do not need a showdown as that player will win the round.

There are several betting limits to note in the poker games available.

No limit bets are for the high rollers, the game comes with zero betting limit, you even bet with your card on the pile of chips.

The pot limit will be the one you are going to get more familiar with as this is a limited round and computer poker games are structured so max bets could only be $100 or just as high as $10 depending on the table you play at.

Fixed limit betting retains the values of the structures regardless of any game development, but you’ll rarely discover this inside online casinos.

Poker All in Rules

When you are learning how to play poker, you might come across the “All-In” rule and not have a clue what it is. This is perfectly normal but keep reading and all will be revealed.

Explanation of the rule

You have probably seen a move where they are playing poker and a player is confronted by a bet that is more than the chips that they have at hand. They are then forced to wager an expensive car or watch that they own in order to stay in the game. This is good drama, there is no doubt about that, but this is not something that you will usually find in real life poker rules.

What about it in online casinos?

Obviously, if you are playing poker at an online casino, you will not be able to wager a car or watch, even if you wanted to. If you are playing at a brick and mortar casino, you could try, but we highly doubt that your offer will be accepted. This is because of the “All-In” rule that has been put in place. This rule declares that a player cannot be forced to forfeit his hand just because he no longer has enough chips to place a bet.

Possible endings

If you are playing a round of poker but you do not have enough chips to place a bet, you are declared All-In if you want to carry on playing. If you do not think that your hand is good enough, you can simply fold.

If you are All-In, you will be eligible to win the amount that was in the prize pot when you placed your wager. Any other action that takes place between the remaining players at the table is a side pot, which All-In players are not able to win.

So, now that you have read all of the valuable information, you should know a lot more about how to play poker online. We also think you will agree when we say that it is fun to learn to play poker online.