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Keno Rules

Keno Keno

Short presentation

Keno is a Chinese game that was introduced to the United States in the 19th century when immigrant workers decided to settle down in the American territory. Most of these workers were railroad workers or extractors in coalmines.

Keno is a lottery game, but it varies depending on the country and the area you’re playing in. It’s very easy to play and understanding the rules takes just a matter of seconds. Keno, as a proper game of chance, does not make a great deal of lucky players unfortunately, but it is not really expensive. The winning frequency is kind of low in Keno but when you win, you can generate huge amounts of money! Keno is very practical as you can easily have another game in progress while you play it online. Each Keno game is called a “race” and there are often long breaks between each race. However, some casinos directly provide players with a series of races: the player therefore has the possibility to bet only once and no longer needs to wait.

Where to play Keno?

In real casinos, Keno is played in large single rooms. Once you have paid to play, you will get access to the casino’s main room. Results are usually displayed on TV screens. Employees are often in charge of gathering the players’ tickets and also provide them with the results and winnings when dealing with a victory. It is therefore important to keep track of your races, even if you're not in the Keno room anymore. You can also play Keno online in many casinos and even try the game for free at EU Casino.

Machines especially built for Keno

Some slot machines are particularly dedicated to Keno in a certain number of online casinos. Their main advantage is that they allow players not to wait too much. The results are instantly revealed. In addition, players no longer have to carry their game’s paper results as they can view the results via a digital screen. In this type of casino, Keno is an instant game, no longer a collective one.

How to play Keno?

Keno rules are quite simple. All you have to do is to choose from four to ten numbers in a list. The numbers you choose range from one to ninety. In general, it is better to choose several numbers to increase your chances of winning. In addition, when you choose at least 10 numbers, you have the opportunity to compete for the jackpot.

In real casinos, you will put your signature on sheets quite similar to lottery tickets. A copy of the ticket will be given back to you. When you play online Keno, the numbers you selected will appear on the screen. Keno rooms often use the same process that we encounter on TV during lottery draws. They are also similar to those used for bingo or Lotto in France. The machine chooses twenty balls. If your selection matches the displayed draw, you can earn more or less money.

Bets and redistributions

The price you need to pay depends on the casino you’re playing at but you will need at least one euro to begin playing. If you play online, you can consult the redistribution rate on the screen. The redistribution rate varies depending on the numbers you have chosen. For example, if you choose four numbers, you will need up to two numbers to win. If you choose 10 numbers, you'll need at least five of them to win. However, if you choose the maximum number, your payout rate will be higher.

Percentage rate

Playing online Keno presents a few disadvantages: the percentage deducted from your winnings is about 30%. It is therefore not the best way to make money. However, it is not expensive to play Keno and the jackpot can sometimes be enormous. So if you think luck is on your side, take your best shot at Keno.