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Casino War is closely related to an enjoyable card game that we all probably played by during our childhood: the Battle! Yes, this game which consists of 32 cards has quickly become a favourite in online casinos although its rules, its charm and its own nature have been preserved. The goal remains the same: to manage to win with a stronger card than your opponent’s. Equal cards must be avoided failing which you enter into in "battle" with one of the other participants. In the following article, we will look at the origins of Casino War online. Although online casinos have naturally led to its expansion, the game, which has inspired significant events in French history has a strong character.

Variations of Casino War

The inventor of Casino War currently remains unknown. What is known is that it was invented in the early 1790s, a few years after the French Revolution. Hence its name. Battle is certainly a game of historical importance; a witness to the suffering and joy of men and women who fought to save their country. Over time, several variants have emerged and The Corsican Battle, Joker Battle or the Battle of Colour are the most popular of them.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the digital version of Battle-or Casino War, would never have been created without the intervention of IT professionals and developers possessing a passion for the game. Following which it was modified by the online casinos. Among the main changes that can be found on the internet compared to the original version is that the player does wins real money rather than the cards of his opponents. Casino War can be considered a paying version of Battle, which remains a hobby that is enjoyed with friends and family.

Casino War online Today

Like Bataille, Casino Wars is played with either 32 cards or 52 cards. 1990 really represented a turning point in the creation and development of new communication technologies and the Internet has changed habits and given life to games that were in distress. Nowadays, Battle’s digital version can be enjoyed with exceptional features from the comfort of your bedroom or living room. The outstanding quality of sound, graphics, realistic settings and environments, and sometimes the opportunity to play against a real live dealer has enabled Casino War to enter into a new dimension and attract new clients in the gaming market.

Casino War Rules

Casino War - or Battle Royale in French - is without a doubt the easiest card game to play in a casino. In Casino War, both the player and the casino draw a card and whoever has the card with the highest value wins. As you can see, it’s a very simple game and one you’ve likely played as a child.

In fact, Casino War is probably the easiest card game that exists in the world.

All you have to do is place a bet. The dealer distributes one card to each player and to himself. As we explained earlier, whoever’s card has the highest value, wins.

In case of a tie, you can either agree to divide the sum of your bets by two or simply “go to war” with your opponent: you will need to double the amount of your initial bet. You’ll then receive two new cards and that will decide the winner. If at the end of this war, your card is lower, you lose all your winnings!

Casino War Rules are Presented Below:

• Casino War is played with six decks of cards. The value of the cards is the same as in poker, except aces, which is always the highest-valued card.

• After you place your bet, you receive a card. Then, the dealer also receives a casino card. Your card is then compared to the dealer and if it is higher than yours, you lose. If yours is the highest, you win.

• If you decide to go to war, you must place another bet. The size of the bet must be exactly the same as your original bet. The dealer does the same thing. Then, the dealer burns three cards and gives a card to the player and to himself. If the second player's card is the same as the dealers, once you win your bet, so your original bet and your war bet. If the dealer’s second card is higher than yours, unfortunately, you lose both bets.

• Outside the Regular Casino War bet, you can also play a “tie bet”, where you are betting that your card is going to tie with the dealer’s card. This bet gives you 10:1 payout. Above the box where you usually place your bet, there is an additional box where you can place your tie bet.

Casino War Strategies

It shouldn’t be hard to guess that going to war is always the best option in case of a tie. The house advantage is less than 1% if the player chooses to go to war when the cards are tied.

A small detail: You should never bet all you have on one hand in Casino War. Make sure you always have enough money to go to war.