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Caribbean stud poker strategy

Caribbean Caribbean

Caribbean Poker is a casino game which is easy to play . In this game, you do not compete with other players, but against the dealer, face-to-face. Caribbean Poker, there are no highly complicated decisions to make or endless drawing of cards etc... You get to know your cards and what you need to do right from the very beginning. However, like any casino game, Caribbean Poker requires a minimum of strategic sense if you really want win and make a profit in the long term.

Strategic Options

In Caribbean Stud, you face the house, and no one else. The casino is certainly a worthy opponent, but it is not mean unbeatable. Although the best strategy is simply to try to reduce its advantage and thus avoid betting in its favour, there are other beneficial techniques presented and discussed below.

  • Understanding the hand rankings
  • Knowing the house advantage
  • Calculating the size of your bankroll
  • Understanding the progressive jackpot

Configuration 1: Understanding the hand rankings

Caribbean stud poker strategy follows the logic of traditional poker. Also, the hierarchy of hands is the same. You must ensure you know the value of each combination and read each hand instinctively. There can be serious consequences for erroneously throwing a hand in Caribbean Poker and careless mistakes are frequent because the game is very fast. If you need to revise the combinations of poker before playing, do so!

Configuration 2: Knowing the house advantage

The house advantage in this poker variation is approximately 5%. This means that players lose € 5 as soon as they bet €100. However, this does not mean that you are losing money steadily since you will realize a profit, if you follow the advice provided under normal circumstances. You should be aware that your gross income will be different than your net income in the long term. Ensure you have sufficient funds to pay the casino.

Configuration 3: Calculating the size of your bankroll

In Caribbean Poker, it is essential to know the average amount of your bets at all times. The bigger your bankroll, the more chances you will be to take in the long term. The player who bets € 1,000 every hour loses an average of €50. But a single negative number is sufficient to shatter these figures. It is advisable to place small bets in the absence of large funds. It is better to settle for small profits sometimes!

Configuration 4: Understanding the progressive jackpot

Its progressive jackpot remains Caribbean Stud’s special feature. Placing exceptional bets will ensure you win part of it. These bets are placed at the beginning of each new hand. Generally the house advantage for this type of bet is huge: about 25 %. Therefore, it is worth considering if such a risk is really worth it since in the long run, you run the risk of losing more than a quarter of the total amount you have bet, which is ... huge.