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Caribbean stud poker rules

Caribbean Caribbean

Caribbean Stud Poker is a very entertaining game but despite its name, most players don’t consider it a game of poker. Indeed, it is a form of poker where players play directly against the house. Many online casinos offer a progressive jackpot in this game, making it more a slots game than a table game. And the advantage with this game is that there is no bluff.


Have a stronger hand than the dealer.

Caribbean stud poker how to play?

You play against the dealer and not against other players at the table. The game is played with a deck of fifty-two cards and begins with an initial bet, called the ante. Then, you receive five cards and the dealer deals himself five cards to himself with one card that is visible to all. From your knowledge of your own cards and the dealer's visible card, you decide if you think you can win the game. If you choose to continue the game, you must place a bet, known as a call bet. This bet must be twice the ante. On the contrary, if you choose to give up, you only lose your initial bet (ante) and the game is over. If you decide to call, the dealer shows his hand, and his value must be at least equivalent to Ace + King to qualify. If it does not qualify, you win your original bet (ante) 1:1 odds and your bet is returned. If the dealer's hand qualifies and if it is lower than yours, you win the game and win 1:1 odds on your original bet (ante), while the odds for your bet depends on the strength of your hand. The strength of your hand varies according to the normal order of poker.

Dealer’s elimination hand

The dealer's hand is considered invalid if he doesn't have an ace and a king, or a higher draw. If this hand occurs, bets do not count and the money is paid back to each player. The initial bets are doubled but since they are generally low, the winnings are not necessarily high. It will always be the case even if the dealer has a better hand than the players. The restarted bets are only in play only if the dealer's hand has been off for one or the other players.

Caribbean poker rules of payout

In addition to doubling the bet for every hand, if the player manages to beat the dealer, he also earns an additional bonus. This amount varies depending on the casinos, but generally remains standard.

Hand Odds
Royal Flush100:1
Straight Flush50:1
Full house7:1
Two pairs2:1
A pair1:1

Progressive Jackpot

It is unfortunate to find yourselves with a strong hand, only to see the player fail to win because he only places the initial bet (ante). Because of this, there are casinos that offer a side bet where payout is according to the strength of the hand (flush or higher), even if the dealer does not qualify or if you lose because his hand is stronger than yours.

An example chart of progressive jackpot payouts:

Full House$100
Straight Flush10% of the progressive jackpot
Royal FlushEntire progressive jackpot

These additional winnings are highly competitive and experts recommend betting solely on the progressive jackpot if it is already valued at $30 or more.

Percentage of Casino Charge

The casinos typically charge 5.3% of the amount of the player's winnings. But this percentage may decrease depending on circumstances, sometimes as low as 2.3%. It depends on the standardization of games and strategy criteria. 2.3% corresponds to a situation of optimal strategy but it’s is almost impossible to find such a percentage in an online casino.