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eCOGRA: certification label of online casinos


Created in 2003, eCOGRA is an organization that has at its goal to reward the value of online gambling establishments that comply with safety standards, ethics and responsible gaming. The operators, who, on their respective sites, carry the eCOGRA label are thus marked with a stamp signifying a value of excellence. eCOGRA fights for the respect of game standards throughout the world and has the unrestricted right to investigate all online casinos, regardless of their nationality or legal status.

History of this organization

Before the creation of eCOGRA, the online gaming market sorely lacked regulation. Corruption, theft and fraud were rampant, and the player could not progress under sound playing conditions. As a result, on the eve of 2003 the major software providers decided to unite and establish an independent, non-profit organization which today is based in London: eCOGRA. In cooperation with auditing firms, eCOGRA insists on investigating the reliability of the various gambling establishments. eCOGRA serves as a kind of guide that any beginning player should follow, as the agency is keen on identifying in detail the fair sites bearing its label. Thus, it is to sites carrying the eCOGRA seal that players should really turn.

Role with the players

eCOGRA provides detailed information to players around the world about the reliability of a given Internet gambling site. Moreover, in case of theft, violation of rules, or loss of money from a trader, eCOGRA offers the player an opportunity to resolve the dispute. The major goal of this organization is to ensure the protection of, and respect for, the players online. eCOGRA regularly tests and monitors more than half of all the online casinos in the world and also publishes reports and studies to help players in their efforts.

Role with the casinos

eCOGRA also values the activities of the online gaming establishments that respect their ethics and basic principles. International operators and suppliers are placed on a list that catalogues their qualities and deficiencies. They thus form a set of standards that is named eGAP. Frequent inspections and investigations are conducted and the operators are obligated to accept them.

eCogra’s area of expertise

  • eCOGRA has an investigative staff whose objective is to visit the various operators.
  • eCOGRA has an auditing staff whose function is to advise Internet gambling establishments on best practices for implementation, with a view to their qualifying for a label.
  • eCOGRA has an operational staff which aims to verify the financial funds of the operators, as well as customer relations and quality of the games and software.
  • eCOGRA has, finally, a legal staff composed of lawyers and advocates who seek to resolve any disputes encountered by players within twenty-four hours.