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Downloading and installing the casino software

Installing a Casino Installing a Casino

Quite frequently, the online casino you choose will propose that you download and install its gaming application. This step can be essential, especially if the establishment does not have a Flash or Java version of its software. It is important to know how to do this, particularly since downloading the software is sometimes the only way to connect to the service and play the games. The steps to follow are generally the same from one casino to another. Below, we offer a detailed analysis of these different steps. We have used as an example the excellent casino Supreme Play.

Downloading the program

Installationd un casino

Once you are on the website of the operator concerned, you should go to the “Download” heading. Here the online casinos themselves will explain in detail how to proceed with the installation of the software. In clicking the button or the link leading to the download of the software, a window will appear on your screen and you only need to follow the proposed steps. You will also be given the option to “Run” the program or to “Save” its installation file.

Installing the program

Installationd un casino

The second step consists of installing the program – that is to say, to incorporate it into your computer or hard drive. Once the download is complete, you should go to the folder that you created for your downloads for personal use and double-click on the icon corresponding to the installation file (it should bear the logo of the casino). The installation process will start immediately. A page will then open, asking you to read the terms and conditions of the contract between you and the online casino concerned. After clicking “I Agree” and then “Finished,” you can move to the third and final step.

Registration and access to the games

Installationd un casino

Subsequently, the casino will automatically connect to the Internet and a page will open that allows you to complete a registration form. Complete it carefully. Once you’re finished, you can access the various casino games online. However, as a precautionary measure, it is preferable that you not delete the installation file of the casino that is placed on your hard drive. The software interface will open when you turn on your computer, but you can always change the settings by making changes under “Settings” or “Options.” Keep in mind that the download and installation process takes place only once. When updates are needed, the software will run on its own which means you can play in total freedom at any time.