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User guide to free spins no deposit rewards

We now bring to you a user’s guide/review regarding one of the most elusive yet highly rewarding allowances of all casino bonuses, the mighty free spins no deposit bonus. The bonus of free spins is a deposit free offer that allows you to enter the casino and to play the games they have without the requirement of putting a deposit down first to activate the gift.

This free wagering allowance, thus, gives players free reign over the games they play, with no terms or conditions attributed to the bonuses, so all the winnings are yours.

We hold all the best online casinos in New Zealand that frequently offer out these rewarding free spin offers and they could all be yours in a matter of minutes, by clicking on our top 10 list where you can read every review for the best casinos on the NZ market.

Why this should be on your radar

When you apply a tiny bit of logic to the process, it is clear to see that opting to use a free spins no deposit bonus is, in part, a win-win situation. Other surrounding factors include that the offer of playing free spins comes with zero terms in how the offer is used, nor conditions. At worst, there will be one rule about the offer and that will be regarding what games you can play with your free spin bonuses.

Some allowances may only be available on new games, others may be open to the entire casino. Each claim to play free varies from site to site. So, depending on where you make your account and play will have an effect on what slots and virtual table/card game you can play inside the online casinos for free!

Our guide and a summary of the casino lingo

Throughout this bonus guide, you will be provided all the possible information there is linked to free spins no deposit bonuses.

There are going to be some terms or phrasing that may not be 100% clear, so we are going to begin with a list of common phrases or wording used by casinos online when it comes to these offers, so you don’t get confused by what is actually being said.

Payment: The max number of days to receive any winnings from your bonus is relative to the banking service you use. If you use a credit card, the cash you win will take up to 3 to 5 working days to arrive in the player’s account.

Player requirements: All you are needing to do is opt to use the free spins bonus. This can be rewarded as a welcome bonus or as a loyalty bonus. Remember there is no need to pay to play with these offers.

T&C: All bonuses will still come with details and rules of how to use the free spin bonuses correctly. The T&Cs will inform you if the winnings are withdrawable funds or if the money has to be reused within the casino. It will tell you what games are valid and also how long the bonus is available for before it expires.

Responsible Gaming: Ourselves and the casino we recommend support responsible gaming. They will promote sites and organizations like begambleaware.org for players that may wish to seek help and advice in controlling their time gambling online.


What it sounds like isn’t always the actual case. Free Spins + Slots = Free game, this may be the logical thinking behind the offer of free spins but, it’s not just a slot game bonus extravaganza!

Free spins are just the term used for virtual gaming. All virtual games, be it craps, roulette, video poker, blackjack, or even scratch cards all work under the same programming principle as a slot machine. Free spins are basically ‘Free Games’ in the casino’s virtual platform.

Note: Applicable to all games excluding live sports betting and live dealer table games.

What are wagering requirements?

Well, the good news is that the free spins no deposit bonus is void of such things. Normally, with other bonuses, especially those that require a down payment (deposit) to activate, there are terms as to how the bonus can be used. One of the rules comes under the subject of wagering requirements.

This part of the T&C is linked to the amount that must first be bet before the bonus becomes activated. The most common wagering requirement is 35x the bonus. You can do the math from this alone, but to keep it simple, if a casino is offering you $100 to play with wagering terms of 35x , then you will need to put in $3,500 before the $100 is issued to you.

Can you cash out your winnings?

With bonus spins, the gaming is very much free, and what you win is 100% yours, however, some bonuses will let you keep the money and Cashout to spend. Others, the withdrawal option is a no go. Yes, the bonus free spins no deposit can be a cruel temptress, and this is why reading the terms and conditions before use are important. There are also no restrictions on your banking preference should you wish to withdraw your winnings. Your banking method has no bearing on whether you can or cannot withdraw, this is an issue solely unto the terms of the bonus.


Having a free spin bonus or bonuses is only half the job done, as a player you should also be hoping that the available games to win the money from are actually worthy to play and have a high payout rate, to give the bonus more credibility.

You want a casino that has a high game count, remember, this is just for games like virtual poker, slots and blackjack, as an example. It does not matter whether the casino has live sports or live tables because the bonus cannot be used on these types of games.

The larger the game count is, the more diverse your options are and possibly how diverse the gaming developers are. You want a good mix, because the more choices you have, the greater the opportunity there is to win.


Okay, so we begin with the pros, the easy sale to any player that has their minds fully on the prize of winning free money, no matter what. Remember, this bonus offer is entirely optional and doesn’t have to be claimed, despite these fantastic perks you’ll get from the offer.

  • You will be able to keep the money you win.
  • The free spins are open to any virtual game unless specifically specified in the T&Cs.
  • There is no risk to your account balance or finances as the bonus is 100% free to use.
  • The free spins can come from loyalty bonuses, bespoke offers tailored to your favourite games.
  • Winnings can either be withdrawn or used throughout the rest of the casino on other games.
  • You can also claim no deposit bonuses from welcome offers, meaning you can land free money soon as you join the casino without any deposit required.


Now, the cons, information for those that are all too wary that nothing in life is free and want to know what the catch is hiding behind such a lucrative offer. Well, to be fair, this is pretty much a no-strings-attached kind of offer, but here are some finer details to be aware of, should you claim the reward.

  • It is not always the case that the cash you win can be withdrawn. Withdrawal terms will be found in the bonus details, so please read before you apply to use this gaming credit.
  • Some free spin bonus offers are restricted to new game releases only.
  • The number of credited free spins is minimal. The min amount credited is usually 5 free spins in total. The max amount is usually 500 free spins.
  • Free spin no deposit bonus offers are only available for virtual games.


As you will come to learn and find, there are plenty of wonderful variations of games and bonuses to discover and explore, once you have yourself registered to a reputable site from our top 10 list.

Bonuses come in an array of packages, size, number, pros and cons. Each casino is different, each offer is different, the outcomes are the only same thing; putting more money into your pocket and it being 100% free.

  • Free Spins Deposit Bonus: This is the bonus we have been discussing but with the requirement to pay in order to claim and use it. From this, you will be credited a higher number of free spins than what a no deposit bonus would offer a player.
  • Free Spins No Deposit Bonus: As discussed, the free spins here come with no payment needed and can be used across all virtual games unless stated in the conditions that apply.
  • Welcome Bonus with Free Spins No Deposit: When you first apply to become a member of a casino online, you will receive a welcome bonus that offers a number of different packages. In this case, a typical welcome bonus has a cash allowance which would require a deposit, but with this, players often get free spins, with no deposit needed, just for completing the registration process.
  • Loyalty Free Spins Bonus: Loyalty bonuses are random gifts deposited into your account as a thank you for being a member. These bonuses are tailored towards your more commonly played game, so if you love Starburst by NetEnt, then the free spins given to you will be for the Starburst game.
  • VIP Free Spins Bonus: The VIP programs casinos provide, will enable you to receive VIP bonuses. The bonuses are calculated based upon your points as a member. For every bet placed, you earn a point and as these points are added, your score will place you into a VIP level. Depending on that level, depends on what type of free spins allowance you would receive.
  • Cash Free Spins: Now, cash credited free spins are the newer bonus of this list. You initially deposit, and the casino will give you a credit sum that can be used on a specific slot game. What you wager can also vary. For example, you are given $10, you can spin the full lot or switch values until the balance has been used. Most free spins are set to an amount, mostly 0.25, but this is something you control.


We now share with you the benefits with regards to playing with a paid for bonus and the bonus claimed without a deposit to play free spins. The table below also highlight the downside to each option, to you can clearly decide which is the right option for you to pick from going forward.

Free Spins Without a DepositFree Spins Activated with a Deposit
✅ Play to win real New Zealand dollars✅ Commonly found bonuses
✅ Open to all virtual casino games✅ Commonly found bonuses
✅ Get between 5 and 150 free spins✅ Get up to 500 free spins in your bonus
❌ A rare to find bonus✅ Open to all virtual casino games
❌ Withdrawals are not guaranteed❌ Withdrawals not guaranteed
❌ Fewer spins rewarded than deposit bonuses❌ Risks to finances as you may not win


🚀 What are the rules for free spins no deposit?

Those who love to play slot games really enjoy it when they come across an online casino that is offering a free spin no deposit bonus. With this type of bonus, you do not need to deposit any of your own money, and you will be given some free spins on some slot games. Usually the online casino will specify what slots the free spins can be played on.

🔥 Which casinos offer free spins no deposit NZ?

Are you a New Zealander that is on the lookout for online casinos that accept Kiwis and also offer up free spins no deposit bonuses? If so, then we highly recommend that you take a closer look at the following online casinos:

  • Go Wild Casino
  • Spin Casino
  • Jackpot City Casino
  • Gate 777
  • Gaming Club Casino

💥 Can you get free spins no deposit when playing at a mobile casino?

Mobile gambling is getting more and more popular and there are many people out there who only gamble on their mobile device. Therefore, it would be really foolish for online casinos to not offer free spins no deposit bonuses to such players as they would be marginalizing a good proportion of potential customers.

💰 How much can I win?

Well, giving an answer to this question is like someone asking you something such as, "How long is a piece of string?". The amount that you can win will depend on the slot game that you are playing. Most of the time you will need to complete some wagering requirements before the money that you win will be considered yours, but this is not always the case.