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Help for beginners: the ABCs of online casinos

Before You Begin Before You Begin

Legal authorities by country

One should know that online gambling is considered illegal in some countries. As a result, it is necessary for the player to take the initiative to find out about the specific jurisdictions of his or her particular country or region. The competent authorities are generally able to respond to your inquiries.

The legal and commercial status of the casino

Online casinos have to respect the law. They are required to hold an operating license issued by an official gaming commission. Be certain to consult the information about each casino before you deposit money: the reference to the commission authorizing the casino to function, its location and postal address, its website administrators, its operators and suppliers of its software. At the same time, make sure to always read carefully the terms and conditions at the moment of registration.

The presence of a “Fun” game mode

It is preferable for you to have the opportunity to freely test the various games before betting your money. The casinos offer one-time access to a “fun mode,” which allows one to simply play without incurring any charges. This procedure has advantages: by playing in “fun mode,” you can immediately become aware of possible malfunctions of a given casino or, conversely, of the good quality of its service.

The effectiveness of the casino’s customer support

Casinos that enjoy a good reputation provide an e-mail address or phone number in case of a dispute, which allows contact to be made in particular with their customer assistance service. Customer support is generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is important for the casino to be able to offer a customer support service that is professional and multilingual. In the case of a problem, only that department will be in a position to provide satisfaction.

The variety of payment methods

Online casinos have an obligation to suggest a wide variety of transaction methods to facilitate your various payments. Online gaming establishments frequently offer online payment solutions via electronic wallets such as NETeller or MoneyBookers. One will also find such methods as credit cards, wireless transfers, bank transfers and electronic checks.

The wealth of bonuses and promotions

A commercial gesture par excellence, the bonus is intended to attract customers. A bonus should be very attractive and beneficial to the user. Standard bonuses concern patronage, registration and loyalty programs. If a casino does not offer any of them, it is not worth wasting your time because a casino should ensure that you have a minimum of money to play with in case of loss in the various games. The casino should also be in a position to reward your regular and continued use through regular promotions.

Confidentiality and protection of personal data

A good online casino will have fully secure software. Protection of confidential customer data must be assured twenty-four hours a day. In general, online gaming establishments use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) data encryption technology. It is important to be certain that the online casino you like has a suitable website corresponding to safety standards currently in force.