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It is the duty of every online casino to guarantee a safe and reliable payment service which offers maximum protection for its users. Among the large number of methods available, Click2Pay casino stands out as one of the best. It is an Internet payment solution that is at the same time simple and quick, being similar to an e-wallet service, where you can deposit, withdraw or transfer funds through multiple user accounts.

How Click2Pay casino Works

In order to use Click2Pay online casino, you just have to open an account. You can personalize this account in order to suit your needs on how you will use it. Once you have opened an account, you can perform a large number of transactions by simply choosing a user name and a password that you have to decide on in advance. You can also use Click2Pay online casino with debit and credit cards, bank transfers or other methods of depositing money that are not so well-known or frequently used. Click2Pay also offers a very secure service with respect to confidentiality of customer data. All personal data is stored and protected on Click2Pay servers. Information about transactions is only made available to merchants that are recipients or senders of online purchases.

Withdrawals and Deposits

Once you have a Click2Pay account, you can make deposits from your credit card or your bank account. You will most probably be able to credit your Click2Pay casino account only when it becomes official. In order to deposit or withdraw funds, you will only need your personal code. You will be able to perform transactions for higher or lower amounts of money, because your Click2Pay account can be used anywhere and anytime. However, when you need to perform transactions between a bank and your Click2Pay account, you should be aware of the commissions that are in the range of 1 or 2% and which will be deducted from your funds. Transfers to or from bank accounts are subject to taxes, even though they are quite low.


  • The online service for Click2Pay is entirely free of charge, from the moment you create an account right through the active transfer of funds.
  • Click2Pay offers a wide range of methods for crediting your account on the Internet, and the number of possible transactions is very important as you can make transactions in euros. The Click2Pay e-wallet is available in most regions of the world, including the US, Canada, Italy, Germany, and South Africa.
  • Moreover, Click2Pay has an easy to use format with support and customer service that are fast and reliable.